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During the summer, you might have a need to remove trees from your property. If you follow the tips below, you can have your trees removed without any stress.

Safety Is Paramount

Always put safety first. Anyone working on tree removal should wear protective gear, such as gloves, a helmet or hard hat, and eye protection. When working with a chainsaw, ear protection and heavy-duty pants are also important. People not involved in the tree removal process should stay far away from the area because debris could fly in unpredictable directions.

Adhere to Local Policies

Some municipalities and neighborhoods require approval before any kind of tree work is conducted. Make sure to follow any applicable guidelines for your planned project to avoid fines.

Start Small

When having a tree removed, the first task typically involves taking down smaller branches. Those branches can get in the way when dealing with the larger, bulkier parts of a tree. Branches can have a lot of foliage in summer, making tree removal less efficient. When a tree doesn’t have smaller branches on it, it can exhibit better balance, and it may fall in a more predictable manner.

Come Up With a Plan for Removing Debris

Taking down a tree can result in a considerable amount of debris. Make things easier on yourself by thinking of a strategy for dealing with that debris. Would you like to keep it on your property for future use as firewood? Would you prefer that a company handle the debris removal? Along those lines, do you want to have your stump ground down or left in place? It can be better to answer those questions before embarking on the tree removal process. This way, you’ll be able to plan ahead.

Watch the Weather

The weather can be unpredictable in the summer. Thunderstorms sometimes seem to come out of nowhere, and high temperatures can prove challenging as well. When you’re having a tree removed, pay attention to the weather. Consider halting work during a thunderstorm to avoid any risk from lighting or heavy winds. Additionally, slippery conditions can make things much more difficult, especially if anyone needs to use a ladder to reach certain parts of a tree. High temperatures can be tricky to handle, too, since they can put a strain on the people doing the physical labor.

Be Safe and Strategic

When you’re getting ready to have a tree removed, adhere to local policies and follow safety recommendations. Also, keep an eye on the weather conditions, come up with a plan that starts small, and think of what you’d like to do with the resulting debris. If you need assistance with your tree removal in Bakersfield, CA, contact Salas Tree Service.