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Expert Tree Trimming & Pruning In Bakersfield

While trees in the forest can thrive with no human intervention, those in a garden or other landscape setting in Bakersfield need regular pruning to keep their shape and appearance intact. Trimming and pruning should only be done by trained professionals like those at Salas Tree Service, who understand tree biology as well as proper pruning technique and safety precautions.

Using the wrong methods can permanently harm a tree. That is why it’s so important to work only with professionals like Salas Tree Service. Just because you have a pair of shears, doesn’t mean you should use them on your tree!

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What’s The Difference Between Tree Trimming And Pruning?

Tree trimming and pruning may sound similar, but are they? While both are necessary for the health and well-being of your trees, they serve slightly different functions. Salas Tree Service, fortunately, specializes in tree maintenance for Bakersfield residents and businesses.

While tree trimming is necessary for shrubs and hedges, tree pruning is more appropriate for mature trees and shrubs. Both services are essential for both aesthetic beauty and overall plant health and are performed at different times in a plant’s lifespan. If you’re not sure which service your trees and shrubs require right now, our tree experts and maintenance specialists can help!

What Kinds Of Trimming And Pruning Services Are There?

There are many different types of trimming and pruning services that Salas Tree Service offers, all of which can help your home in Bakersfield look its’ best!

Ornamental Trimming

Shrub maintenance is frequently overlooked, and at Salas Tree Service, we understand that a lack of time, resources, and expertise may play a role. Bush trimming is an excellent method of shrub maintenance.

Our bush trimming service promotes proper airflow for plants and reduces the number of insects that attack your shrubs. Trimming not only manicures but also strengthens plant growth. Furthermore, our efforts aid in proper growth and promote a fuller appearance for your plants.

Palm Tree Trimming

Taking care of your palm trees can help them live longer and grow more steadily. However, not everyone is aware of the very specific procedures palm tree trimming requires. Salas Tree Service, on the other hand, does.

We will remove any dead fronds that are weighing down your trees and clear any fallen fronds that have littered your property. We’ll trim your palm tree’s leaves to keep its stem clean and presentable. This discourages pest infestation while also improving the appearance of your trees.

Once or twice a year, we recommend hiring a palm tree cleaning service like Salas Tree Service. Although overgrown fronds and a hairy palm tree stem are natural parts of the growth process, they can be problematic if not properly cared for and maintained.

Overgrown fronds indicate a healthy tree, but they also pose a risk to your home and property. Salas Tree Service works to keep the neighborhood safe during high winds, when fronds can become loose.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming is an important part of landscape maintenance. If you take great pride in your lawn, investing in hedge trimming is an excellent way to maintain curb appeal and promote healthy shrub growth. With our hedge trimming service, we keep commercial and residential properties in excellent condition.

Allow us to prune diseased or dead parts of your shrubs so that they can continue to thrive and bloom. We’ll trim outgrown bushes that have grown unruly and appear unkempt with our modern equipment.