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Rapid Tree Removal For You And Your Family

Trees are a beautiful addition to any property, but what happens when they become hazardous? Due to dead limbs, high wind, or simple tree placement, what was once a thing of beauty can quickly become a threat to your home, cars, and property. Luckily, Salas Tree Service is here to help. Our team specializes in tree removal, as well as offering tree planting, tree transplanting, stump removal, and more.

Our team will help you determine whether or not tree removal is justified, and complete the job if so. We work quickly and efficiently, restoring your property to a state of safety as quickly as possible. For jobs big or small, you can count on our team.

How We Evaluate Tree Removal Needs

Some of our clients wonder how, exactly, we evaluate whether a tree needs to be removed. The answer is that it’s a multifaceted process that we’ve honed to a fine science. When assessing a tree for possible removal, we take several details into account, including the following:

  • The overall health of the tree.
  • Rotten cavities or wood in the trunk.
  • Damaged roots.
  • Mushrooms are growing.
  • The health of the surrounding trees and/or property.
  • And more.

We evaluate trees on a case-by-case basis and are happy to work with you to determine which trees on your property can be salvaged and which need to be removed. Ready to learn more? For the best tree removing services near you, contact Salas Tree Service. Bakersfield, California’s trusted tree removal expert: (661) 204-9711.

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Kara Hill
Kara Hill
Wow, we are very impressed with this company. From the very beginning, the interactions were friendly and professional. And the owner got back to me within minutes of me sending a message! We were able to schedule an appointment to have our palms trimmed within 1 day, and they did a stellar job. Our trees look beautiful and their team did a great clean up job - they cleaned our pool better than we would have! Lol. They were quick and efficient and we will definitely use this company for all of our tree needs. Their prices are also very reasonable, especially in comparison to other companies in town. I did some research. Thank you so much for being such a reliable company. It's much appreciated.
Ralph Rodriguez
Ralph Rodriguez
Easily the best tree service company I’ve worked with. Really friendly and very professional. Great quality work from a solid team.
Joe Herrera
Joe Herrera
Just want to say THANK YOU! To Salas Tree Service, they did an amzing job on all 4 trees clean work, treat customer service, really nice people I will be calling them back to continue the upkeep of my trees.
renae powers
renae powers
Jennifer Shumaker
Jennifer Shumaker
What a wonderful tree service company. I have been impressed from start to finish. First, I called Friday morning and spoke with Sal. He was incredibility knowledgeable and got everything I was saying. He made an appointment for later that day and actually arrived on time. He walked my yard which was in pretty bad repair and gave great info about all trees and landscaping. Valuable info that I really needed. He went over all my options and listens to my concerned and came up with a plan I was comfortable with. He is very reasonable especially seeing all the work he and his crew did. I have to Maple trees in my front yard and they very in such bad shape. They look so very good now, like different trees. Our African Sumac was growing out of control and spent an insane amount of time pruning trimming and shaping this beast. The best part he and his crew arrived before our scheduled time and left our yard looking better than it started, He spent a good amount of time cleaning up and removing all the debris. They immaculate. They even waiting until after 8 to start with the chainsaws to be polite to me neighbors. I could not recommend this company more. Their professionalism and compassion and knowledge will have me using them every year!
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