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Lot Clearing
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Even the best residential and commercial lawn mowers can’t handle thick and overgrown grass fields. If this is the case for you, please contact Salas Tree Service and take advantage of our lot clearing and brush hauling services.

Our lot clearing services in Bakersfield are designed to cut through overgrown ditches, backyards, pastures, and dry retention ponds. There is no hilly or large terrain that prevents a clean cut from being completed. Our professional lot clearing and brush hauling service employs high-performance equipment that can mow large areas of land, wherever you may need in Kern County!

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A Clean Slate With Our Professional Lot Clearing Service

Lot clearing, also commonly referred to as brush hauling or brush removal, is a detailed service that prepares lands in Bakersfield for commercial and residential site projects. It is a critical stage in the design of a building. If you choose us to handle your lot clearing, you will be treated to a variety of lot clearing services that are tailored to your specific land size, labor demand, and budget.

We’ll give you a free estimate after meticulously assessing the land, quantifying the labor required for the job, and taking into account other factors. Salas Tree Service has handled a wide range of lot clearing services in Central California, and have ensured that our clients receive the best care.

Trust us for a team of sincere and professional lot clearing specialists in Bakersfield. We have the knowledge to complete any specific lot clearing request with the least amount of effect and impact on the land!

Taking Care Of The Environment

We have the manpower and expertise to remove any vegetation that is impeding your plans, regardless of how overgrown your land is. We do so in a way that doesn’t harm your property, and most importantly, the environment. Our brush hauling experts in Bakersfield are familiar with the process of removing weeds, shrubs, and everything in between.

We can effectively remove everything from:

Contact our trustworthy lot clearing company if you’re ready to remove weeds and vegetation that aren’t beneficial to your property. With dependable and environmentally friendly lot clearing services, Salas Tree Service hopes to promote healthier soil and help nearby plants thrive.

Keeping Your Projects On Time

Providing complete and timely lot clearing service is only half the battle. What’s most important to Salas Tree Service is ensuring that we meet your requests and exceed your expectations!

Before we begin work on your construction site, we will clear any vegetation, large rocks, or dense brush that will cause major problems for your project in Bakersfield. If the only thing standing between you and open land is a sore arm and an ax, it’s time to rethink your options. Get exceptional lot clearing service that will assist you in moving to the next stage of your project.

We can help more than just building sites. We can also provide our lot clearing services to the following in Bakersfield:

Allow us to take care of all your lot clearing needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment and have a clear space of land again.