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Skilled Arborists Can Help You Protect Your Trees in Spring

Spring is the time to clean your spaces and let in the fresh air. It’s also a terrific time to make sure that the trees on your properties are healthy and vigorous. Because tree diseases can move quickly across the landscape, you need a professional who can diagnose these conditions before a tree is in distress.

Confirm Your Trees Are Healthy

Prior to the appearance of leaves, your trees need to be checked out for broken branches, tears in the tissue of the tree, or lost bark. A tree that is carrying dead weight in the canopy is inherently unhealthy; that dead material is vulnerable to further breakage, burrowing pests, fungi, and bacteria.

It may be possible to trim away dead branches before leaves form. To safely balance the tree, it may be necessary to trim a tree back severely to encourage healthy new growth. While a tree is being trimmed, it can be checked for diseases and pests.

Treat Trees that Appear Vulnerable

If one tree has an infection or infestation, other trees on your property may be vulnerable. There are insects, such as hornets and wasps, that are quite territorial. If you move them out of one tree, they may return to your property and attack another tree.

Once one tree has been treated for diseases or pests, it may be necessary to treat the nearby trees for the same condition, especially if the trees are of the same species. If it becomes necessary to remove and replace a tree, talk with your arborist about finding trees that are naturally resistant to common diseases in your region of California.

Plan for Seasonal Care to Protect Trees Year After Year

Get in the routine of getting your trees checked out each spring. A well-pruned tree will tolerate strong winds and storms much more effectively than a tree that is crowded, even if every branch is healthy and full of leaves.

Keep an eye out for stinging insects and try to find their locations. Moving nests is not easy, but beekeepers and pest removal services can help you reduce the risk that a customer or employee will be injured by a bee, wasp, or hornet.

Monitor trees that change color in the fall or drop their leaves for any reason. If the leaves usually turn yellow or orange and you see some brown leaves, there’s a change that part of the tree is vulnerable or dying. Getting it removed and balancing the tree with a proper pruning will promote healthy, hearty growth.

The team at Salas Tree Service can help you assess, prune, and protect the trees on your commercial Bakersfield, CA property.