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Trees that are regularly maintained and monitored for disease are less likely to suffer damage in high winds or during times of drought. Rather than getting trees trimmed or removed after severe weather events or signs of disease, our team of tree professionals can get you on a schedule of trimming and pruning that will promote vigorous, healthy growth.

Improve the Look of Your Property

A tree that needs pruning or care can make your property look neglected. Even if the grass is cut regularly, a tree that is dropping branches because it needs trimmed up may even damage the vehicles in your parking lot.

Worse, a diseased or neglected tree can injure people. For example, a tree with a crowded canopy can become a severe hazard in high winds. A thick canopy of leaves will produce a wind barrier that the trunk of the tree can’t support. Major damage can occur when a tree is too much of a wind barrier.

Trees Reflect Your Business

You and your employees have a huge impact on how your clients feel about your business. The trees on your property and the plantings around them also have a story to tell. A healthy line of trees between your parking lot and the street can tell your potential clients a great deal about your attention to detail.

In addition to getting your trees checked out by our experts, it may also be a good time to improve the security lighting around your trees. Keeping your trees in good shape and other plantings under control will protect your investment in security lighting.

We Work With Your Priorities

We understand that costs have gone up for business owners. No matter the current condition of your trees, we can provide you with a list of priorities to clean up overgrown trees.

If your trees are diseased or have suffered damage from weather, we can also provide you with a plan of action that you can use to address trees that have to come out. From the top of the tree to the stump, we can remove a tree that is unsalvageable and help you create a new, healthy growing space in that area.

You may be in the process of expansion and need trees or an overgrown lot cleared for new buildings. Our arborists can guide you towards the best path to clearing this area safely and getting the land ready for a new building.

No matter the condition of the trees on your commercial lot, we can help you get them back in shape. We strongly recommend that regular tree maintenance be done in the wintertime while the tree is closest to dormant. Promote vigorous, healthy tree growth with commercial tree maintenance in Bakersfield, CA with the help of Salas Tree Service.