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Colorful sunset in winter forest

It is a common belief that trees do not need care during the winter since they are bare and nothing is happening. Those who mistakenly believe this often think that tree care specialists are off for the season. This is far from the truth since tree care specialists work all year round.

When temperatures drop, trees become dormant; however, this does not mean that care is not needed. Dormant trees still need protection from cold temperatures, rodents, and other pests. It’s important that you care for your trees in California by completing a few tasks.

Remove Dead Leaves

To ensure the health of your trees, remove all dead leaves. If you have piles of dead leaves nearby, clear those away also. Dead leaves are a breeding ground for insects as they contain insects and insect eggs. If you allow dead leaves to linger, then insects may feed on your trees and compromise their health.

Replenish Mulch

Because rainfall will occur during the winter, replenish mulch so that water can better penetrate the roots and provide your trees with the necessary hydration to thrive. The mulch will act as a sponge and draw the water down into the roots. Adding mulch also prevents the soil from becoming eroded. In addition, it prevents weeds from growing and helps to keep roots warmer during cool weather. It is advised to add at least 3 inches of mulch around the base of your trees for the desired effect.

Prune Your Trees

Pruning your trees during the winter is also beneficial. Trees that are pruned during the winter heal more quickly, and they are less likely to contract disease during the pruning process since diseases are also dormant or dead when the weather is cold. If you have a large project that requires a significant number of trees that need pruning, winter is the best time since the ground hardens, preventing heavy machinery from ruining your landscape.

Examine Tree Structure

Winter is the best time to examine tree structure. When the weather is warm, leaves are present, and this can obscure the appearance of your trees. When leaves have fallen and the trees are bare, it is easier for tree care specialists to see the structure of your trees, so they can quickly determine if any damage is present.

While there are several tasks you can complete yourself, it’s important to schedule regular tree care with a local professional. If you reside in Bakersfield, CA or the surrounding area and want to set your trees up for success, contact Salas Tree Service to schedule an appointment.