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As fall comes into full swing, now is the time to think about how to prepare your trees for the winter. Without the necessary preparation, your trees will be at risk of damage or death. Follow this fall tree maintenance checklist to get your trees ready for winter.

Add Water and Fertilizer to the Soil

Watering and fertilizing trees will help to sustain life and stimulate root growth during their dormant season. Additionally, adding water and fertilizer in late fall helps the soil to recover nutrients that were lost during the months when the weather was hotter.

Mulch Your Trees

Before the weather gets too cold, you want to mulch your trees. Mulching helps insulate your tree roots so that they will be protected from frost heaving. Frost heaving is when the soil expands and contracts multiple times as a result of freezing and thawing, and the roots of the tree are heaved out of the ground from the pressure buildup in the soil. Mulching also enables the soil around the roots of the tree to retain the amount of moisture that is necessary for trees to survive. The layer of mulch should be 3 inches thick.

Wrap Your Trees

During the winter, sun exposure can still damage your trees. Winter sun exposure can occur when sunlight reflects off snow or when trees are exposed to direct sunlight. Have an arborist wrap your trees from the trunk down to provide adequate protection.

Remove Dead or Diseased Trees

If you have dead or diseased trees in your yard, fall is the perfect time to remove them. Such trees pose a risk to healthy trees because diseases can spread. Not to mention, dead and diseased trees pose safety hazards because they can fall and cause harm to people and property. Tree removal services are cheaper in the fall because work is slower, so arborists will be more likely to negotiate prices for their services.

Trim or Prune Dead or Diseased Portions of Trees

While trimming and pruning are not usually recommended during the fall, there are some exceptions, such as when parts of a tree are dead or diseased. To maintain the health of trees, always have an arborist trim or prune dead or diseased portions to keep the rest of the tree from being compromised. This will help to give your trees what it takes to brave winter temperatures and thrive.

If you need help putting this fall tree maintenance checklist into action and live in Bakersfield, CA or the surrounding areas, contact our arborists at Salas Tree Service for trimming and pruning services.