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4 Practical Tree Care Tips for the Holiday Season

Every homeowner wants their trees to appear beautiful during the holiday season. Fortunately, there are several tree-care tips you can consider to maintain the health of your trees and even make them easier to decorate with embellishments and string lights. These tips are listed below.

1. Pruning Your Trees

Pruning is one of the key tips to consider when it comes to keeping your trees healthy for the holiday season. While pruning is relatively straightforward, it is often advisable that you contact a local tree care company for professional results.

The company will remove diseased or dead branches as well as those that are growing in unwanted directions. The removal of diseased branches helps keep the tree healthy by ensuring the disease does not spread to its other parts. Pruning also improves the aesthetics of trees, plus it makes them very easy to decorate for the holiday season.

2. Mulching Your Trees

Mulching offers a great way to keep your trees healthy and ready for the holiday season. When done as recommended, mulching can help protect your trees from extreme weather conditions, pests, and weeds. Mulching also offers essential nutrients, which help maintain the health of tree roots.

According to experts, you should mulch your trees at least once every year. Ideally, you should mulch your trees with a layer that is around two to four inches thick. To ensure you do not harm the trees, avoid piling the mulch too high around the tree’s trunk. If you are unsure how to mulch the right way, call your local certified arborist for tips.

3. Hiring a Certified Arborist

Experts believe that having a certified arborist check your tree is the best way to care for the vegetation in your yard. A certified arborist with experience may spot things you are not able to notice, thereby helping keep your trees healthy for the holiday season.

Some of the issues we are referring to include dead branches and pest infestation. Pest infestations are particularly dangerous since homeowners only recognize an invasion when it is too late. Dead branches are also dangerous because they can fall without warning and cause injuries or damage property. Having a local arborist inspect your trees ensures none of these problems occur, which, in turn, brings peace of mind during the holiday season.

4. Fertilizing Your Trees

Trees need nutrients to be healthy and aesthetically appealing. It is for this reason most tree care companies advise homeowners to fertilize their trees regularly. Depending on what is convenient for you, you can either make your own compost or use commercial fertilizers.

Before you fertilize your tree, however, ensure you have extensively consulted tree care experts to avoid any potential mistakes and dangers. For instance, tree care experts will advise you about the quantity of fertilizers you should use to ensure outstanding results.

Tree care tips for the holiday season help keep away pests and diseases while maintaining the stunning appearance of your trees. They also make trees safe and easy to decorate with lights, baubles, and garlands. Call Salas Tree Service today for commercial tree care services in Bakersfield, CA.