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Problems That Could Arise If You Remove a Tree By Yourself

While trees can add so much to your property, they sometimes need to get taken down. A tree may pose a safety hazard because it’s dead or decaying or because it’s too close to structures or power lines. Also, a tree might get in the way of a landscaping project or may no longer be aesthetically pleasing. When you’d like to remove a tree, think twice before handling the job on your own. Many problems could happen if you tackle this challenging task by yourself.

Safety Comes First

The main reason you should consider hiring a professional for a tree removal job has to do with safety. Taking down a tree involves heavy equipment, sharp blades, unpredictable results, and a significant amount of risk. Climbing up a ladder on its own can be difficult, especially if your ladder doesn’t have a sturdy base to rest on. Climbing a ladder with a chainsaw becomes even more dangerous.

Furthermore, using a chainsaw, an axe, or even a pruning tool can be challenging because of how thick tree branches and trunks can be. It takes so much effort to make a good cut, and there’s the potential for you to lose your balance or cut yourself during the process. Chainsaws, in particular, pose a major safety threat because they can kick back, and this can throw you off balance. If you’re perched on a ladder when this happens, you could easily fall off.

In addition, remember that trees don’t always fall in predictable ways. A falling tree limb could bounce off another branch and change its trajectory at any moment. Rotting wood may cause an imbalance in the tree as well. If you’re not a skilled professional, you may have a hard time knowing exactly how sections of a tree or an entire tree will fall when you make a cut. If something ends up falling on you, you’d be at risk for serious injury.

Other Factors

Other factors need to be considered, too. First, there’s the potential for you to damage your property. A limb could fall on a vehicle, your home, a shed, or your landscaping. This could cause major damage that can be very expensive to remedy.

Also, think about how long it would take you to clean up a tree. A mature tree has a considerable amount of volume, and it would require a lot of work to break it down.

Let a Professional Help You

Given the safety concerns and issues with potential property damage and the time it would take to clean up after the job, it might make more sense to have a professional take down your tree. If you need tree removal services in Bakersfield, CA, you can call Salas Tree Service for assistance.