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Save Your Trees With Emergency Tree Services

A heavy storm, strong winds or even an ailing tree can pose hazards to you and your property. Whenever you need assistance, hiring a 24/7 emergency tree expert can give you peace of mind. These professionals have the tools, knowledge and expertise to safely recover and remove trees, fallen limbs and dangerous branches with ease. They can also offer strategies to help you protect your trees from damage in the future.

What To Do If a Tree Falls During a Storm

Many homeowners dread the thought of a tree being toppled over by a storm. Whether it’s due to high winds or lightning strikes, fallen trees account for millions of dollars in property damage around the U.S. each year.

If a tree does happen to fall on your property, call an expert for help. In addition to trunks, they can also remove debris such as large branches and leaves that have fallen into your yard.

Storm clean-up can be a lot for someone to manage on their own, and in some cases, it could be dangerous. Letting a professional do the job ensures your safety and can help protect your tree from further damage.

Don’t Battle Broken Branches Alone

You should not attempt to remove broken or hanging tree branches by yourself. Branches can fall in directions you don’t expect, causing serious injury or property damage. You can also harm the health of the tree if you do not understand its growth pattern and how to remove branches safely.

Instead of trying to remove the tree branch yourself, work with our professionals. They can carefully prune the tree and remove any hazardous branches without posing additional harm to people, property or the tree.

Don’t Remove Exposed Tree Roots

Exposed tree roots are fall hazards, and they can also become invasive by growing through lawns, sewer lines and even concrete. Trees expose their roots due to a lack of oxygen below ground. Rather than try and get rid of the root, it’s better to address the underlying problem.

Creating a mulch bed around the tree can be enough to remedy the situation. Removing tree roots is not advisable; this can cause permanent damage to the tree and pose a risk to those attempting the removal. Tree roots are extremely strong and difficult to eliminate on your own.

Professionals can recommend the right type of mulch and expertly place it over the roots to keep your tree healthy and happy.

The team at Salas Tree Service proudly serves Bakersfield, CA, and the surrounding areas, so contact us today if you need emergency tree care.