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The three parts of the bottom line in an organization are environmental, financial, and social. The environmental bottom line is as important as the financial bottom line in the sense that businesses need it to have an extended lifespan. Plus, it helps increase the odds of a business becoming successful in the long run.

The environmental bottom line mostly focuses on the impact a business has on its surrounding. It encourages businesses to use fewer natural resources because this is one of the key ways to become successful. The most reliable way to improve the environmental part of your bottom line is to work with a commercial tree service company. A professional tree service company can help you in the following ways.

1. Selecting the Right Trees for Your Business

A highly qualified tree service company knows that it is almost impossible to improve your environmental bottom line without taking trees into consideration. As such, they often start by choosing the right type of tree. While doing this, a commercial tree service company will consider a couple of factors: the purpose of the tree to be planted and the limitations the site (where the tree is going to be planted) might present.

The purpose, of course, is to help improve the environment of your business. Site limitations, on the other hand, determine how tough the area where the tree is to be planted is. It also helps your local tree service company determine the maximum span and height of trees in the available space.

Ideally, a company will avoid planting trees near overhead power lines or underground cables. The company also considers sun exposure as well as the condition of the soil.

2. Tree Pruning

Another way a commercial tree service company will help you improve your bottom line is by conducting professional tree pruning service. After some months, your landscape trees will need some pruning. However, this has to be done cautiously to prevent damage to the tree. Moreover, poor techniques can shorten the lifespan of a tree.

This is where a commercial tree service company comes into play. With the right equipment, a professional tree service company will prune your trees in the best way possible. The company starts with general cleaning, where they get rid of weak, diseased, or dead branches.

After that, they thin the tree to improve its structure as well as enhance light penetration. Effective thinning consists of the selective removal of branches. In the final pruning phase, a commercial tree service company reduces the size of the tree. This is particularly important when carrying out utility line clearance.

Other services that a commercial tree company may undertake to improve your bottom line are tree removal and tree spraying. Plus, depending on the condition of your trees, the company may offer such services as adequate watering and fertilizing of trees.

To sum up, it is important to improve your organization’s bottom line on a consistent basis. While doing this, you should focus on all three parts of the concept, and the environmental bottom line is one of them. To improve it, you need a professional tree service company. Call us at Salas Tree Service in Bakersfield, CA today to help you with commercial tree service and emergency tree service.