Skilled Arborists Can Help You Protect Your Trees in Spring

gardener pruning fruit trees

Skilled Arborists Can Help You Protect Your Trees in Spring Spring is the time to clean your spaces and let in the fresh air. It’s also a terrific time to make sure that the trees on your properties are healthy and vigorous. Because tree diseases can move quickly across the landscape, you need a professional […]

4 Reasons Winter Is a Good Time to Remove Trees From Your Property

tree with few leaves on its branches

4 Reasons Winter Is a Good Time to Remove Trees From Your Property Unfortunately, at times as a homeowner, you may need to make difficult decisions that involve the landscaping and exterior of your home. If you have trees on your lot that pose a significant threat to your property or loved ones or if […]

Reasons to Trim the Trees on Your Commercial Property This New Year

Man sawing tree with chainsaw

Trees that are regularly maintained and monitored for disease are less likely to suffer damage in high winds or during times of drought. Rather than getting trees trimmed or removed after severe weather events or signs of disease, our team of tree professionals can get you on a schedule of trimming and pruning that will […]

4 Practical Tree Care Tips for the Holiday Season

Professional gardener pruning a tree

4 Practical Tree Care Tips for the Holiday Season Every homeowner wants their trees to appear beautiful during the holiday season. Fortunately, there are several tree-care tips you can consider to maintain the health of your trees and even make them easier to decorate with embellishments and string lights. These tips are listed below. 1. […]

Follow This Fall Tree Maintenance Checklist to Prepare Your Trees for Winter

As fall comes into full swing, now is the time to think about how to prepare your trees for the winter. Without the necessary preparation, your trees will be at risk of damage or death. Follow this fall tree maintenance checklist to get your trees ready for winter. Add Water and Fertilizer to the Soil […]

5 Tips for Hiring a Professional Tree Service During the Summer

A Tree Surgeon trims trees using a chain saw and a bucket truck

Tree services are necessary for property owners during the summer months to maintain their trees and landscaping. Hiring a professional service makes it possible to have healthier trees throughout the hot summer months. If you have a large property and multiple trees, trying to maintain your landscaping by yourself can be time-consuming. Instead, consider hiring […]

Spring-Cleaning Your Fruit Trees Means Better Fruit

Hand picking an apple from an apple-tree. Isolated on a white background

Fruit trees can add beautiful accents to your garden while providing delicious fruits for your family. However, these trees require springtime maintenance to ensure they remain healthy, receive proper nutrients, and continue to bear fruit during their season. Adding fruit tree maintenance to your spring checklist will keep your fruit trees healthy and safe from […]

How to Care for Trees During the California Winter

Colorful sunset in winter forest

It is a common belief that trees do not need care during the winter since they are bare and nothing is happening. Those who mistakenly believe this often think that tree care specialists are off for the season. This is far from the truth since tree care specialists work all year round. When temperatures drop, […]