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The experts at Salas Tree Service in Bakersfield, CA is committed to your service. We care about the health of trees, so when handling your tree trimming or hedge trimming, we are professional and apply the best practices to ensure its steady, fruitful growth. Call 661-204-9711 to reach one of our qualified professionals to trim your trees.

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There are dozens of tree companies in Bakersfield vying for your attention. When choosing a tree service company, turn to Salas Tree Service in Bakersfield, CA. We offer a multitude of services and with over 30 years of experience, we can be trusted to handle your dire tree requests. Established in 2015, our licensed and insured tree company is committed to all jobs whether big or small.

We offer specialized tree services to the community. Whether you need a tree trimming, tree shaping, tree cutting or tree removal, we are happy to tackle the labor-intensive service for you. We have the proper tools and skills to undertake your tree service. Have confidence knowing your hedges and trees are manicured by a caring and seasoned professional. Our tree service specialists are just one call away from handling your emergency tree service, ornamental trimming, stump grinding and hedge trimming service.

Call Salas Tree Service in Bakersfield, CA at 661-204-9711 to learn about our fair pricing, for additional information concerning our tree shaping and tree removal or to hire us as your go-to tree service professionals.

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